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It takes a village

Resettling a family is a lot of work. It takes many man hours to get a family to the places they need to go as they adapt to their new life and new routine. We are fortunate to be in a place where lots of people want to lend their support. If you live in the New River Valley and would like to be part of our organization, please contact us!


Volunteer Opportunities

Our group is strengthened by the diverse skills, interests, and knowledge each member contributes. There are many ways you can volunteer to support our cause, including:

  • providing transportation
  • translating (Arabic, Farsi and Swahili-English)
  • giving financial advice
  • planning recreational activities
  • providing childcare
  • tutoring (schoolwork or adult ESL)
  • assisting with job searches
  • gathering furniture and supplies
  • advocating for refugees
  • fundraising

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