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The Resettlement Process

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For the Blacksburg Refugee Partnership (BRP), the process of bringing a Syrian refugee family here is similar to that for any refugee family. We are working with Commonwealth Catholic Charities (CCC), a non-governmental agency that is one of only eleven organizations that work with the US State Department (US) in resettling refugees. A family will first be determined to be refugees and be recommended to the US by the United Nations, which performs an initial vetting process. The US then utilizes several government agencies to perform an extensive vetting process before the family is cleared for resettlement. This process takes between 18 and 24 months.

The identification of a family occurred after BRP worked (in consultation with CCC) to ensure all appropriate plans were in place to support a family. Key in that determination was a plan for housing. The government does not provide housing, nor does it provide any directed support, financial or otherwise, to the refugee family. They are eligible for public assistance as citizens are, but other than a onetime payment of $925 per person, they receive no targeted assistance from the federal or state governments.